Sofa Buyers Guide

Five ESSENTIALS tips for choosing a sofa
1. Check the frame
A well-built sofa should be heavy, lift it up at one corner to check. A 100% hardwood frame constructed of beechwood with glued, screwed and dowelled joints is the best option, some ‘high end’ sofas from high street retailers and other independents may contain plywood and/or stapled joints so check before buying. All our sofas are constructed using 100% hardwood frames with glued, screwed and dowelled joints.

2. Ask how the sofa is sprung
Cheaper sofas are usually web-sprung with synthetic strips. Mid-range sofas tend to be serpentine sprung with springs suspended front to back across the frame, High end sofas often use the traditional coil-sprung method. All our sofas have quality metal springs in the seat.

3. How firm do you want the sofa?
Foam-filled cushions are more supportive and best keep their shape. A foam core with feather pad is softer and will still maintain its shape, while feather-filled cushions are the softest, but need regular plumping. A foam core with a feather or fibre pad makes an excellent choice. Our sofas are available with a variety of seat options.

4. Fixed or loose covers?
The type of cover you select should be based on your lifestyle. If you have children or pets, loose covers are a good option as you can take them off and have them cleaned. Fixed covers aren’t so easy to clean, but can be protected with a treatment such as Guardsman. The sofa you choose will determine which option you can select, some of our sofas can be supplied in either cover type.

5. Take your measurements with you
A sofa that looks small in the showroom can look huge at home so check before you buy! Big is not always best and we will always work with you to select the most appropriate choice. All our furniture is handmade to order and on most products we can adapt the specification in a bespoke way to meet your individual needs.