Our Re-upholstery Services
Home of the Sofa can transform your favourite furniture with our comprehensive re-upholstery solutions. We provide a unique personal service in helping you make the right choice for bringing a new look to your favourite Sofa, Chair, Footstool, Chaise or Headboard. It’s a fact that many people already own some of the best quality furniture they will ever buy.

You may just want a new look, a new colour, a change of style or very commonly would like a match with one of your new pieces you are purchasing from us. To save the cost and effort of replacing good quality furniture which already fits your room, is comfortable and may well be a cherished or antique piece our comprehensive re-upholstery service will breathe new life into your existing furniture.

We also supply replacement seat and back cushion interiors for your existing sofas and chairs. There are three main interior choices - foam, feather or fibre. If you live within a 10 mile radius of Stratford-upon-Avon we visit your home to discuss the most appropriate option depending on the 'sit' you want to achieve, measure them for size and then deliver them back to you 10-21 days later complete with your new fillings. Alternatively you can bring your cushion cases into the store and we will discuss the options with you.

Producing a quality re-upholstery job is no easy task and should never be left to chance. Attending an upholstery class, having done it before or being referred to a ‘friend of a friend’ doesn’t guarantee the level of skill and quality required to produce a professional job. There are many individuals and companies offering these services but if done badly it can easily make something look and feel worse and become a very expensive mistake, -poor pattern matching being one of the more common and visible errors. With this in mind our reupholstery services are delivered by highly skilled master craftsman trained at England’s finest upholstery companies, using traditional techniques and to the quality standards used in manufacturing the luxurious new products we retail from our Stratford showroom.

Our consultants have the necessary knowledge to deal with your requirements and guide you through the process and most suitable options. From initial enquiry, through to the delivery of your newly re-upholstered furniture, we offer a comprehensive customer care package.

The Benefits of Re-upholstery
It can (but not always) be cheaper than buying new furniture
You retain your original investment
You retain your favourite piece and its original features
You can choose from thousands of latest fabric options
Your restored furniture will look as good as new

The Services We Offer
We can literally re-upholster anything be it traditional, modern or antique furniture. Whether your existing furniture is leather or fabric, no job is too big or too small and every piece of furniture whatever it’s age or size gets the same care and attention to detail thereby ensuring you will be satisfied with the finished job. We re-upholster Sofas, Chairs, Footstools, Chaise Longue and Headboards.

Having got to this stage the first major decision people face is whether to recover, rebuild or re-spring so it’s important to fully understand the difference between the three options and the costs involved. The following is a brief guide to the cost and deliverables associated with the three re-upholstery options we deliver:

Option 1 – Re-upholstery ‘Recover’ Service (excludes fabric)

ItemCostFabric Required
board£POA  2-3m
Footstool£POA  1-3m
Occasional chair£POA  5-8m
Armchair£POA  8-10m
Small sofa£POA  11-14m
Medium sofa£POA  13-16m
Large sofa£POA  16-22m

Strip back the piece to its foam covering, replace any webbing as and where required and recover in the customer fabric of choice (not included). The price includes all sundry items required to complete the job including any Dacron, hessian, canvass, felt, clips and staples.

Option 2 – Re-upholstery ‘Recover and Rebuild’ Service (excludes fabric)

ItemCostFabric Required
Footstool£POA  1-3m
Occasional chair£POA  5-8m
Armchair£POA  8-10m
Small sofa£POA  11-14m
Medium sofa£POA  13-16m
Large sofa£POA  16-22m

As per Option 1 but additionally ‘take down’ the item back to the frame by removing and then replacing all webbing, foam coverings, stuffing, seat and back cushion interiors (with new fibre, foam or feather). Reattachment of any displaced springs, tightening of frame and recover in the customers fabric of choice (not included).

Option 3 – Re-upholstery ‘Recover, Rebuild’ and ‘Re-spring’ (excludes fabric)

ItemCostFabric Required
Footstool£POA  1-3m
Occasional chair£POA  5-8m
Armchair£POA  8-10m
Small sofa£POA  11-14m
Medium sofa£POA  13-16m
Large sofa£POA  16-22m

As per Option 2 but additionally replace any worn, damaged or broken coil and/or serpentine springs.

Additional Options – Price On Application
Your upholstery can be restored to its original condition or transformed by things such as trim change or arm and back cushion redesign, altering the current trim can make your old suite virtually unrecognisable. Options such as piping, valance, arm covers, deep buttoning, leg replacement and adding fabric protection will further enhance and protect your newly renovated piece.

Choosing a Covering
There are the 1000′s of upholstery grade fabrics to choose from. The main factors to consider when choosing the new fabric for your furniture are the colour, pattern, durability, and the cost per metre. The tables show the average number of metres required and the total cost of the re-upholstery job will be dependent on the price of the selected fabric.

Fabric Prices


We can recover all brands of sofa and offer specialist services for owners of furniture manufactured by the following: Duresta, Parker Knoll, Parker and Farr, Cintique, Henderson Russell, Wade, Steed, David Gundry, Peter Guild, John Sankey, John Lewis, Tetrad, Wesley Barrell, Multiyork, Collins & Hayes, Heal's, Ercol, Sofa Workshop, Loaf and G Plan.

Assessment Service
– Tell us about your existing furniture:
When did you buy it and from where?
Who is the manufacturer, is it branded?
How much did it cost?
What is it currently covered in?
What are the dimensions: Width x Depth x Height (in cm)
Which of the following best describes what will be required to restore this to its original condition?
   a. Recover
   b. Recover and Rebuild
   c. Recover, Rebuild and Respring
When does the job need to be completed by?

Finally please send us some pictures of the item(s)


  • Much of today’s furniture is mass produced, of foreign origin and often not built to last. It may not be economically viable to renovate your current furniture and that replacement is a more appropriate option.
  • Fabric requirements are approximate and based on typical coverage
  • We offer a free home assessment service within a 15 mile radius of Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Estimates are provided Free of Charge
  • The service includes free collection and delivery, prices include VAT
  • Average turnaround 4 weeks – subject to fabric and component availability

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